Don’t Get Suckered Into False Domain Renewals

We’ve all been there haven’t we – our website has been live and kicking for a year or two and then suddenly a letter drops through the door proclaiming doom and gloom. From ‘courtesy’ domain name renewal expiration notices to down right scare tactics,¬†we’re informed that our domain names are going to expire and that if they are not renewed, the world might come to an end! Your name might be ‘taken by a competitor’ or ‘your website will dissappear’ are common tactics used by a miriad of companies all competing for your precious renewal fee. In truth some of what they say is accurate but in reality, as long as your domain is managed with a little care and attention none of these disasters are likely to occur. What can in fact happen if we panic and don’t read the small print, is that we can in some cases unwittingly sign over the actual ownership and control of our domain names to less than scrupulous individuals. On face value they may appear to be who they say they are but in time, might end up charging inflated release, purchase or renewal fees for something we already own!

The important thing is not to panic and seek advice from someone you trust – find out if your domain identity is really in need of renewal, what costs are involved and more importantly who will end up with the rights to manage what after all could be your livelihood!

S2 Internet can give you un-biased and impartial advice to help you through what can be a complicated process, ensuring that your domain name stays where it belongs – with you!